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Brainworth is a video game that teaches you how to make video games

...coming soon: video game that teaches you how to make video games about making video games

In theory, Brainworth is a video game that aims to teach its users how to make video games. Well, it could be that, but you'll need to Kickstart the project to bring this cunning plan to fruition.


According to Brainworth's Kickstarter page, the project will focus on teaching the skills required to make web-games for HTML5. The Brainworth team claim the finished product will teach the equivalent of what a 13 week university course would, and will equip you to confidently build the "equivalent quality [of] a great indie game." So, you know, play a game, then go make a game. Sounds pretty sweet.

"The best video games weave interactive experiences with high quality scripted narrative," the Kickstarter page says, "so that's what we're bringing to education."

The courses available on Brainworth claim to offer 80% new content to experienced programmers with no HTML5 games under their belt, so even if you think you're pretty smart, you'll probably learn something here.

A lot of the nitty-gritty can be pored over on the Kickstarter page, and as usual there are perks involved if you pledge funds to the project. At time of writing, the project has raised $14,558 of its $100,00 goal.