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Platinum Games pondering self-published PC projects and Kickstarter funding

Inaba wants to make games for Nintendo 3DS too

Platinum Games' executive director, Atsushi Inaba, has said the studio is "very interested in" developing and self-publishing games for the PC, and using Kickstarter to fund them.


Speaking to Polygon, Inaba admitted the bloated cost and high-risks of console game development has forced the studio to rely on backing from third-party publishers.

"Console game development budgets are really big," he said, "so we need publishing partners to create those games. I was thinking - with our own money - about creating a PC title for Steam. It would give us the possibility to become a publisher, which is very attractive to me."

He continued on to say he believes the relatively inactive Japanese PC gaming scene is an area with great potential and expressed a desire to Kickstart a project for release on Valve's Steam service.

"If you think about the console market in Japan, and compare it to the world, it's not that big. So I view the PC as an area with huge potential. It would be great if we could do a Kickstarter and gather enough money for a game to be released on Steam."

The Viewtiful Joe, Ōkami and God Hand creator also said he's interested in returning to portable game development, specifically mentioning the Nintendo 3DS. In 2009 the action-game specialists released Infinite Space, a sci-fi RPG/RTS hybrid that was favourably received, but hasn't released a game for portable systems since.

"We are very interested in the Nintendo 3DS as a platform," he said. "I view 3DS as a proper, straightforward evolution from a platform that has had huge success. Being able to view stereoscopic 3D with the naked eye is a great innovation, but very straightforward, so I'm very interested in it."

Platinum is currently at work on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and revealed Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive earlier this month.