Dead or Alive 5 review-round up: Tecmo's fighter is still alive

All the review scores in one place...

Don't let the provocative poses, jiggling mammaries and damsels in apparent distress fool you, the Dead or Alive series is highly-regarded among hardcore fighting game fans. Also, that girl in "distress" is a master of some form of kung-fu.

Like many modern fighting games, the latest entry in the Team Ninja developed franchise attempts to balance deep mechanics with accessibility, and succeeds somewhat.

In our Dead or Alive 5 review we said the game has "fast, slick, brutal combat" but offers more "flash than hardcore excellence."

We've gathered some more reviews and placed them in a list below. Take a look to get a broader range of scores and opinions.

  • CVG: 8.1 - If you want flash rather than hardcore excellence in your fighter, this is the game for you. Best played in tag mode with mates, not solo in the duff story mode.
  • VideoGamer: 7 - Tits, thongs and throws, it still offers everything you'd expect from Team Ninja's famous fighter, though maturing fans might find themselves put off by all the titillation.
  • GameSpot: 7.5 - Dead or Alive 5 is a deceptive game: behind all the gorgeous women and explosive areas rests a dynamic and enjoyable fighter.
  • NerdReactor: C+ - DOA 5 is a beautiful and complicated fighting game that will entertain most fighting game fanatics for endless hours, but for the average gamer, it will maybe hold your interest for a few hours.
  • OXM UK: 7 - A safe sequel that sticks to a formula that still works
  • Famitsu (via Eventhubs): 36/40 - "All the explosions and mayhem you can cause in each stage is impressive, too. I get the feeling you don't have as many moves at your disposal as other 3D games these days, but in terms of preserving gameplay balance, you could say that there isn't a needlessly huge amount."