Rumour: Spark Unlimited working on Onimusha 4

Lost Planet 3 dev handed "adventure series reboot," claims report

Capcom has asked Legendary and Lost Planet 3 developer Spark Unlimited to work on an "adventure series reboot."


That's according to a rumour report in the latest issue of PSM3 UK, which speculates that the franchise in question could be PS2 action saga Onimusha.

Spark, which made its debut with 3.8/10 shooter Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, is surprisingly in high demand this year, with Capcom's Lost Planet and now also Ninja Gaiden revealed to be under its wing.

Early last year Capcom's Yoshinori Ono said he believes now is the right time to resurrect the Onimusha series, which has lied dormant since 2006.

"I wouldn't want to do the things we've done before. I think it might be time to progress beyond the standard single-player adventure," Ono said.