Far Cry 3 PC hardware specs released

What you'll need to get Crytek's latest eye candy on your screen

Crytek games are, more than most, games that you definitely want to play with the visual settings cranked up - but that usually requires some meaty hardware.

Far Cry 3 looks gorgeous, and the developer has released the PC specs you'll need to get it looking sweet on your monitor. Full details below.

Ubisoft confirmed a Far Cry 3 release date of November 30 in the UK.

Minimum Specs
- DirectX9c graphics card with 512MB Video RAM Dual core CPU 4GB Memory

Example minimum 1 (NVidia/Intel)
- NVidia GTX8800
- Intel Core2 Duo E6700

Example minimum 2 (AMD)
- AMD Radeon HD2900
- AMD Athlon64 X2 6000+

Recommended Specs
- DirectX11 graphics card with 1024MB Video RAM Quad core CPU 4GB Memory

Example recommended 1 (NVidia/Intel)
- NVidia GTX480
- Intel Core i3-530

Example recommended 2 (AMD)
- AMD Radeon HD5770
- AMD Phenom II X2 565

High Performance Specs
- Latest DirectX11 graphics card
- Latest quad core CPU
- 8GB Memory

Example high performance (NVidia/Intel)
- NVidia GTX680
- Intel Core i7-2600K

Example high performance (AMD)
- AMD Radeon HD7970
- AMD Bulldozer FX4150