Bayonetta devs say PS3 version was their "biggest failure"

Platinum games points to framerate and control issues

Speaking to Edge, Platinum Games director Atsushi Inaba has pointed to the PS3 port of Bayonetta as the studio's biggest failure.


During the interview, Inaba expresses regret for outsourcing the port to the in-house team at Sega, rather than dealing with it themselves.

"The biggest failure for Platinum so far, the one that really stick in my mind, is that port," he said. "At the time we didn't really know how to develop on PS3 all that well, and whether we could have done it... is irrelevant: we made the decision that we couldn't."

"But looking back on the result, and especially what ended up being released to users, I regard that as our biggest failure."

The PS3 version of Bayonetta was affected by dropping framerates and bad controls. Following the announcement of the Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2, the studio said without Nintendo's support the game wouldn't have gone into production.