12 Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs you might have missed

Donkey Mong, ninja turtles and Minecraft...

Pandora is an intimidating and vast mistress and if you only follow the main quest-line, you'll miss some of the best that Borderlands 2 has to offer. To get started, here are 12 of the best Easter eggs and tips we've found so far.

1. Want to assassinate the Ninja Turtles?

Early in the game, Patricia Tannis offers a side-quest called Splinter Group (geddit?), in which you have to assassinate a sewer dwelling quartet of colour-coded mutants. Naturally, you do this by bringing them pizza.

Once they fall, you'll find a room with a TV and a simple switch puzzle. Get all the lights to turn green and then activate the TV for one last surprise. Victory should net you a nice purple gun.


2. Donkey Mong is a barrel of laughs

Late in the game when you arrive in Eridium Blight, you'll be able to find a pretty cool Easter egg. In the south-west of the area is the creature known as Donkey Mong.

Much like Nintendo's ape, this guy is a hulking beast of a thing that loves nothing more than to lob barrels at you. He's also very rare, so keep an eye out. When you eventually topple him, he grants you an Achievement/Trophy, which we won't spoil for you, but it's awesome.


3. Caustic Caverns' (Mine)crafty secrets (Mild spoilers)

Part of the way through the main campaign, Sanctuary, the first hub town, takes to the skies. That's not the interesting bit though. What we're after is found in the Caustic Caverns located in the crater left behind. Near the bottom of this area are some familiar looking blocks of dirt that you can smash with melee attacks to open up a hidden cave. Inside, you'll find Minecraft's creepers and some nifty rewards.

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