Halo 4: New details reveal the return of the Flood

Frank O'Connor confirms production on sequel is complete

343i has revealed The Flood will be making its return in Halo 4 and showed off two new vehicles included in the game.


Before you start flipping over tables, the parasitic aliens will only be in a multiplayer game variant called 'Flood', which is much like the Infection gametype from previous Halo titles.

The mode supports 10 players, with two starting off as feral infected on a mission to spread their dirty disease to the rest of the players.

343 has also revealed two new UNSC vehicles: Mammoth, a hulking troop carrier, and a Metal Gear-esque bipedal mech toting rockets and cannons. Have a look at more images of both vehicles and the Flood in our Halo 4 screenshot gallery.

Halo development director Frank O'Connor has confirmed after "three years of incredibly hard work from about 300 people", production on on Halo 4 has completed.

The studio previously released a video detailing Halo 4's main antagonists, the ancient Prometheans.

The platform holder has confirmed a Halo 4 release date of November 6.