Introducing the YouTube Golden Joystick Award

Yogscast? Total Biscuit? Matroix? Vote now!

Gaming Commentators are the pseudo-celebrities of the Internet, found within the gargantuan world of YouTube's archives. They provide quick-witted and often hilarious commentary over a slew of different games, engaging their viewers with a constant stream of winning content.

Their best features are usually what they don't have in common; their individual personalities and play styles. While commentators like Total Biscuit game for fun and laughs, others like Matroix teach tips and tricks to wily gamers. And of course, we have commentators like the YogsCast, who just blow themselves to smithereens repeatedly. And believe us, it is rather entertaining.


So what better way to celebrate their content that honouring six of the best Game Commentators that the Internet has ever seen? The lucky winner will receive a bona-fide Golden Joystick Award at the ceremony on the 26 October! Check out the nominations below, and get voting here.

When you're done here, head over to goldenjoystick.com to vote for this year's Best Shooter, Best RPG, Ultimate Game of the Year and much more...

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Total Biscuit
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Remember, don't forget to vote on the rest of the GJAs by visiting goldenjoystick.com for the chance to win £4000 worth of awesome hmv gear.