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'No scope for Kinect support in Halo 4', says 343 dev exec

'Waypoint is more appropriate for Kinect'

Halo franchise development director, Frank O'Connor, has ruled out use of Kinect in the gameplay of Halo 4, saying that its implementation will instead be reserved for the standalone Halo Waypoint app.


Thus far neither Microsoft nor 343 Industries has officially announced Kinect support for the eagerly-anticipated Halo sequel, though functionality could have been introduced in future DLC or title updates.

However, in an interview with CVG O'Connor said Halo's gameplay experience is intrinsically tied to the controller.

"Halo is a core game series," he said.

"More than most other games, it is directly linked to the muscle memory of holding an Xbox controller, going back as far as the days of the Duke on the first Xbox."

O'Connor continued on to say that, while Kinect can be useful, it isn't suited for the core mechanics of Halo 4.

"Kinect is a logical extension of the UI, and with regards to some of the sci-fi themes we're actually pretty excited about it, but not for the controls," he said.

"That's not what it's for, and we would never try to shoehorn that into our game. But there's a lot of cool experiences that we're going to put on Waypoint in the future that's completely appropriate for the experience."

In the same interview O'Connor also said 'Halo 4 isn't chasing Call of Duty's tail.