Harvest Moon: A New Beginning hits 3DS on November 6

Pre-order Anniversary edition for a 12-inch cow plushie

Natsume has confirmed a Harvest Moon: A New Beginning release date of November 6 in US.


A New Beginning is the latest in Natsume's life/farming sim series (before farming sims were ruined by social smartphone games with their poisonous in-app-purchases) for the 3DS, and hit shops in Japan back in February.

You can pre-order the game now via the Natsume Online Store to receive the a yak plushie. And if that's not enough for you, The 15th Anniversary Edition of the game comes with "Natsume's largest plush yet", a 12-inch cow.

A New Beginning arrives as part of Natsume's 15th Anniversary Harvest Moon celebrations in 2012. "We're so pleased to present many of our classic Harvest Moon titles on the PlayStation Network, Vita, and the Nintendo 3DS eShop throughout 2012. Whether you've played our full Harvest Moon library before or are a newcomer to the series, it's amazing to look back and see how Harvest Moon has evolved over the last 15 years," said Hiro Maekawa, president and CEO at Natsume.

If you're tempted, have a quick look at the game via a trailer here.