Starbreeze reveals Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

XBLA release pegged for 2013

505 Games has unveiled Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons, an Xbox Live Arcade game from Chronicles of Riddick and Syndicate developer Starbreeze Studios.


The title was first revealed as P13, one of two games resulting from 505 Games' partnership with Starbreeze. The other is a sequel to Overkill Software's Payday: The Heist.

Although details on the type of gameplay Brothers will features weren't provided, 505 has laid out the game's premise: "A man, clinging to life. His two sons, desperate to cure their ailing father, are left with but one option.

"They must set out upon a journey to find and bring back the "Water of Life" as they come to rely on one another to survive. One must be strong where the other is weak, brave where the other is fearful, they must be... Brothers."

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Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares is working with Starbreeze Studios on the game.

"When I first visualised Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons I knew I wanted to combine the deep, engrossing storyline of a film with the physical experience of a video game, allowing players to emotionally connect with the characters as they trek across sweeping, interactive environments such as peaceful vistas, foreboding forests and dangerous mountainsides," said Fares.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is scheduled for release in Spring 2013.