Free Mists of Pandaria realm transfers offered as queues grow

Blizzard seeks to ease strain on overpopulated source realms

Blizzard has announced free source realm transfers for select World of Warfcraft: Mists of Pandaria servers that are experiencing overpopulation.


"We're providing free transfers off of overpopulated source realms that are currently seeing high queue times," said the firm's community manager.

The offer allows players in a list (below) of eight realms to switch to another pre-defined realm (you can't choose, it's a take-it-or-leave-it deal).

"We're planning to allow the current transfers to go until approximately 9:00 a.m. PDT, October 4, but please note that if a large number of people transfer to a destination realm we may need to end the free transfers early," warns Blizzard.

"Although free Guild Master Realm Transfers are not possible at this time, these free character transfers will allow you to retain your guild membership and reputation, provided the guild master completes a paid Guild Master Realm Transfer to the destination realm first, and does not change factions," it adds.

Here's the list of affected realms and their designated switches:

Free Transfers 9/27 - 10/4

From: Frostmourne (Oceanic - PvP)
To: Gundrak (Oceanic - PvP)

From: Illidan (Central - PvP)
To: Mug'thol (Central - PvP)

From: Kil'jaeden (Pacific - PvP)
To: Frostwolf (Pacific - PvP)

From: Area 52 (Eastern - PvE)
To: Velen (Mountain - PvE)
To: Exodar (Eastern - PvE)

From: Darkspear (Mountain - PvP)
To: Bloodscalp (Mountain - PvP)

From: Tichondrius (Pacific - PvP)
To: Dark Iron (Pacific - PvP)

From: Stormrage (Eastern - PvE)
To: Trollbane (Eastern - PvE)

From: Kel'Thuzad (Eastern - PvP)
To: Alterac Mountains (Eastern - PvP)