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Earth Defense Force 2017 confirmed for North American Vitas


The Vita port of Earth Defense Force 3 went on sale today in Japan today. Now, publisher D3 has announced over Facebook that the game will get a release in North America... at some point.


Earth Defense Force was originally release on Xbox 360 in 2007, and has seen a port over to Japanese Vita's with Earth Defense Force 3. Today publisher D3 has announced that the game will also see a localistation for North American gamers.

Earth Defense Force 2017 portable will see a range of new features, including four-player co-op and the chance to play as Pale Wing from the second game in the series, Global Defense Force.

The localisation of Earth Defense Force 2017 was made public on Facebook today, but no release window or price was revealed. Luckily, the PS Vita is region-free so if it doesn't see a release outside of North America, an English version will be available to import.