Wii U: Miyamoto and Retro Studios 'building fantastic projects'

Reggie teases: "We've got big games in development"

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Retro Studios, creator of the Metroid Prime series, are both working on "fantastic projects" for Wii U, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has teased.


Speaking in the latest GameTrailers TV show, the exec said the mysterious titles will be unveiled "in all likelihood during E3", but that this depends on the progress of the games.

"I could get myself fired by breaking all of the news right here on your show... but rest assured Mr. Miyamoto and the team and EAD are working on fantastic projects. Rest assured that Retro is working on a fantastic project," he said.

"We've got big games in development that are coming and will continue to drive the install base of the system. All of that's going to be there."

Miyamoto has previously indicated that he's finding it difficult to build momentum developing his ideas due to the numerous roles he now occupies at Nintendo, and one of those ideas is a first-person shooter.

Retro, which most recently developed the excellent Donkey Kong Country Returns, has long been rumoured to be working on a Zelda Wii U game.

Earlier this month Nintendo confirmed a November Wii U release date for the US and Europe, with the US Wii U price set at $299 for the Basic model and $349 for the Premium one.

At UK retail the Wii U price currently lies at around £250 for the Basic unit and £290-£300 for the Premium one.