Best iPhone games: Super Mole Escape

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Best iPhone games: Super Mole Escape

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Super Mole Escape is the first tilt controlled-game to make it onto the best mobile games list. Why has it taken so long? Because tilt controls usually either ruin the game entirely or require comically-exaggerated movements. Too often, tilt controls make playing mobile games on the move impractical, not to mention embarrassing.

Not so with Super Mole Escape. Like an inverted successor to Doodle Jump, you tilt left or right as your mole tunnels downwards into the earth, collecting Gems for boosts and eventual upgrades. As jailbreak dramas go, it's not quite the The Shawshank Redemption, but it is handsome; A superfast cartoon riot down into the earth's core with the production values and humour we've come to expect from publisher Adult Swim.

Super Mole Escape's developer Grumpyface Studios handles Apple's gyro tech with great subtlety. Little more than a nudge in the right direction is required to deftly steer your mole out of the way of the rocks, mines and minions obstructing your escape. There is the option to switch to touch controls, but then your inputs aren't analogue - with tilt, you can refine your position with barely perceptible movements while slightly more dramatic angles can be used for more evasive action.

Pick-ups from boxes are the usual mix of Mario Kart-style items - bombs to slow down your pursuer, rockets to blast obstacles from your path, and a drill, which cuts through the earth like Doodle Jump's rocket boosts its players skywards. The upgrade system is typical of an iOS auto-runner, encouraging repeated play by offering currency for in-game achievements and the distance you have burrowed. They can then be spent on character upgrades, power-ups and additional cartoon moles to control. An end-of-game wheel of fortune sometimes gifts you a last-gasp reprieve, but mostly offers extra gems and power-ups for your next round.

It's not as bonkers as Adult Swim's other iPhone classic Monsters Ate My Condo, but Super Mole Escape is still a superb auto-tunneller which defies the limitations of its control scheme with great style. An excellent vertical take on the genre.

Super Mole Escape is £0.69 on the App Store. Download it here.