EA Maxis opens new studio in Finland

It will make Sims mobile game

Electronic Arts subsidiary Maxis has opened a new studio in Helsinki, Finland.


The new development house will be led by Playfish's former vice president of global studios, Jami Laes, and focus on creating Sims titles for mobile devices.

"Mobile is a strategic focus for the company and to Maxis as a label" said Lucy Bradshow, general manager of Maxis."We feel that the talent base in Finland will be a strong complement to our existing mobile expertise based around the world."

"The Sims franchise continues to find strong audiences across all platforms and the team we are building in Helsinki will be tasked to maintain our tradition of being some of the most creative game developers on any platform."

Maxis was founded by Will Wright, who left in April 2009 to found Stupid Fun Club, an "entertainment think tank developing new intellectual properties."

In April EA filed a trademark for 'SimOcean', sparking speculation of an aquatic Sim game.