FIFA 13 PS Vita draws fan criticism

Handheld version knocked for similarities with last instalment

FIFA Fans have taken to the internet to criticise the PS Vita version of FIFA 13.


According to posters on the official FIFA forums, the handheld version of FIFA 13 includes no significant differences from February's FIFA Football, itself based on FIFA 11 gameplay.

The similarity between the two versions has so far caused earlier adopters to spam the game's Metacritic page, with more than eleven 0/10 user reviews dragging its user score down to 4.2. Users on Amazon have also posted negative reviews.

Most frustration seems to be aimed at the lack of real pre-release information on the Vita version, which is up for purchase on PSN now for £39.99.

CVG has not yet received FIFA 13 PS Vita and can't confirm the reports, but you can see a portion of the game in action via the below YouTube fan video:

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The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of FIFA 13 have received excellent reviews, with CVG awarding it 91 in our FIFA 13 review.