Sony axes PSP Digital Comics

New purchases cease next month, service goes offline in January

Sony has announced plans to close the PSP Digital Comics service in the coming months.


Users will no longer be able to buy new comics after October 30 - until then normal service will continue, so you should purchase any comics you've been considering.

In 'mid-January' the servers will go down entirely and users will be unable to re-download any comics that they own. Make sure you download all purchased content before this point.

Sony points customers to its media management software, Media Go, which you can use to back up all your comics and avoid the risk of losing them for good.

"We apologise to fans for the change and thank you for your support of the Comic Store for PSP," said SCEE's Mayumi Donovan.

When asked if the service will be brought to Vita, Donovan replied, "Nothing we can comment [on] at the moment."

So it's not ruled out, but don't hold your breath (unless you're capable of surviving without air for at least several months).