Xbox Live Rewards offers MS Points for Achievements

Real-money rewards, no real value

Xbox Live Rewards has revealed what 'rewards' it will offer to Xbox Live members in return for their Achievement unlocking skills.


Rewards members who have amassed between 3000 and 9999 Gamerscore will receive a "special gift during your birthday month".

We wouldn't get too excited though, as the small print on the Xbox Live Rewards page reveals that the gift will be of the average value of... get ready... $.25. Yeah, a quarter. What can MS give you worth $.25 other than the coin itself? We dunno.

But wait, bigger scores get you more rewards. GamerScores between 10,000 and 24,999 get their owner a 1 per cent rebate on their Xbox Live Marketplace purchases each month. One. Whole. Per cent. We'll hold on for a minute while you try not to shit the bed.

You good? There's more...

If you have over 25,000 GameScore you'll get a whopping 2 per cent rebate on Marketplace purchases. That's $20-worth of MS Points back if you buy a measly $1000 worth of XBLA downloads. Better get spending...