Best iPad games: Wonderputt

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Best iPad games: Wonderputt

Damp Gnat has taken crazy golf to iPad via the kind of eighties tabletop games that were once brought into school for the last day of term. Wonderputt is a modern day Screwball Scramble or Kongman, turning a little silver ball into an adventurer as it pings around a single screen. There are eighteen holes carved into Wonderputt's landscape, and every one reveals a cute aside or strange surprise.

Wonderputt is a simple game with a drag-to-fire mechanic and an unusual viewpoint, made superior through its dazzling presentation. It's the same trick Lucky Frame pulled with Bad Hotel. The Edinburgh indie took tower defence and made it into an art school plaything, and Wonderputt comes from similar stock. Its developer Damp Gnat is not primarily a games studio, rather a creator of lush interactive oddities.

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18 holes won't take more than 20 minutes, with only a slightly different, slightly more complex tasks awaiting those that have completed their first round. It might be a relatively thin challenge but Wonderputt should be appreciated most for its strange, cold beauty. An Escher-esque waterfall sits in the centre of its sharp, clean geometry and its bright greens and warped soundtrack are weirdly reminiscent of Fez. Wonderputt is more concerned with immaculate rendering and polish, not pixels, though - every part of the landscape is incredibly detailed, to a standard you might expect if Pixar suddenly quit movies to make offbeat golf games instead.

Damp Gnat's peculiar projects all originated in Flash, so Wonderputt can be sampled here for free, alongside its close sibling Adverputt and snowy cousin Icycle. But for its most tactile, most visually arresting incarnation, Wonderputt should be enjoyed on iPad in retina display. A good golf game, then, but a great example of elegant interactive iPad art, too.

Wonderputt is £0.69 on the App Store. Download it here.