15 tips to help you dominate FIFA 13

Pass, dribble and shoot your way to success

Do you want to be able to run like Ronaldo, shoot like Van Persie, pass like Scholes... and celebrate like Balotelli in EA's FIFA 13? Have a read of our tips below and you'll be playing like a pro in no time.

Ping Pong Passing


The more arcadey aspects of FIFA have been toned down in recent years, but provided you set your feet and face in the direction of the ball, you can ping it up the pitch in one unbroken move. Sheer passing speed is key to beating better opponents, because it gives them far less time to react.



Get a player with a sweet foot and it's worth shooting from the edge of the box, using the shoulders to apply finesse and curling it into the top corner. Ronaldo and Messi are a given, but Van Persie, Gerrard, Lampard, Ozil and Goetze can all hit it, so it's always worth a punt.



If you want to split teams apart and drag players out of position, almost every offensive move should include a one-two. By holding LB, you'll make a run after passing, finding space and drawing opponents out of position. Especially useful if you've got a pacy front man to run with it.

The Lob


The lob is perfect for playing in attackers when a congested pitch prevents a pass along the ground. It's best used on the wing, after a one-two sends the second man darting along the touchline, but don't forget you'll need superior headers of the ball in the box - like Peter 'Good Touch For A Big Man' Crouch - if you're then going to throw in the crosses and expect to dominate in the box.



If your team's blessed with the likes of Ronaldo, Robben or Bale, use their super speed down the flanks. At top speed, no one can catch them. No one. Hog the touchline and the most opponents can do is hope to achieve a last-ditch tackle and concede a throw-in.

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