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Donkey Kong: Original Edition free with new Art Academy, Crosswords games

Nintendo offers retro treat as eShop purchase incentive to US gamers

Nintendo of America is offering NES classic Donkey Kong: Original Edition as an incentive to coax gamers into choosing the eShop as its purchasing avenue for two new games released today.


Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! and Crosswords Plus released today for 3DS. They cost $29.99 each whether you buy them at retail or digitally via the eShop, but get the eShop version of either game and register it via Club Nintendo and you'll get a code to download Donkey Kong: Original Edition for free.

According to Nintendo, Donkey Kong: Original Edition "is a special version of Donkey Kong with content never before seen in the U.S. and is not available for purchase."

That 'content' would be the evasive Cement Factory level, which has been left out most console versions of the arcade original, and will make its debut in US with this offer (DK: Original Edition was included pre-installed on 25th Anniversary EU region red Wii systems).