Microsoft 'beefs up Xbox security to guard next gen plans'

Company reportedly aiming to avoid further upcoming product leaks

Microsoft is to beef up security at its Redmond campus that plays home to the Xbox team as it looks to keep a wrap on its next gen plans.


That's according to GeekWire, which claims to have learned that the platform holder's set to boost security to "an unprecedented level" beginning next month.

Microsoft apparently told employees this week that it's due to implement new physical security measures limiting employee access to four key Xbox and Interactive Entertainment Business buildings in a move designed to guard plans for upcoming products.

The report says that the company has until now operated an open access policy across its Redmond campus, with employees able to visit any building. It adds that there was no direct mention of Xbox 720 in Microsoft's communication with staff.

The increased security measures follow the leaking of an eye-opening 56-page document in June, which seemingly outlined Microsoft's next gen console masterplan.

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau recently suggested that the Xbox 720 release date will be "in about a year's time".

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