Resident Evil 6 guide: Ten essential tips for surviving the C-Virus

Master melee combat, pick the best skills, more...

The world of Resident Evil 6 is a dangerous place, with zombies and J'avo lurking around every corner. Whether you're a seasoned BSAA operative or this is your first run-in with the Umbrella Corp, you'll need these tips in your armoury to help you survive the latest outbreak...



Through the course of Resi 6's multiple storylines you'll be facing off against hoards of zombies and J'avo, and if you just wildly blast away at them you'll be running out of bullets in no time.
The best way to tackle these standard enemies while conserving ammo is to land a headshot on them, then while they're stunned quickly sprint over and follow this up with a melee attack. That should put them down on the floor, where you can then perform a further melee stomp attack to quickly finish them off.
If you get a chance to creep up on enemies from behind then take it, as these sneak melee attacks do massive damage and often finish them off with a single blow.
Make sure you keep an eye on your combat gauge when fighting, as this measures your stamina and depletes every time you perform a melee attack. Be careful to space your attacks out as if it drops to zero you won't be able to run or melee with any strength until the bar replenishes, leaving you exposed to any nearby enemies.



There will of course be circumstances where melee combat is not appropriate, and this is where you need to shoot effectively. You should always be aiming for headshots, which are made easier by the laser sights now attached to each gun, and fire in controlled bursts to maintain accuracy.
D-pad Left and Right quickly switches between weapons, and Up and Down chooses grenades, bombs and first aid sprays. Take some time early on to familiarise yourself with where these items are mapped, as in the heat of battle finding the right weapon fast could mean the difference between life and death for you.
By holding LT/L2 to aim and approaching low cover you can snap to it by pressing A/X; you are then locked to the cover as long as you keep your aim held. In this position you can use the left stick to peek out and aim, which is very useful when facing multiple enemies with automatic weapons.



The herbs that you collect can be converted into health tablets from the item menu, and combining them will yield more. The following combinations are possible:

  • Green herb = 1 health tablet
  • Green herb + Green herb = 3 health tablets
  • Green herb + Green herb + Green herb = 6 health tablets
  • Green herb + Red herb = 6 health tablets

You should therefore hold off mixing herbs as long as possible, to ensure you get the maximum yield from them.
When taking health tablets, you can press RB/R1 multiple times and your character will then take that many in one hit, so you don't have to wait to do them all individually.
If you run out of health tablets, you can quickly produce more as long as there are one or more herbs in your inventory. Holding RB/R1 then pressing X/Square will restock you without having to faff around in the menus, and better still the best combination of herbs available will be combined to give you the maximum number of tablets.
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