New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Rush DLC hits US on October 4

Nintendo of America confirms US dates following today's EU release

New Super Mario Bros. 2 owners in US will get their share of the new Coin Rush download content this Thursday, October 4.


So confirms Nintendo of America as EU customers sink their teeth into the new DLC released in the region today.

The first add-on, the Gold Rush Pack, tasks players with collecting upto 30,000 coins. The second, Coin Challenge Pack A, is aimed at high score players with rankings planned to appear on the official NSMB2 website.

The third pack, the Nerve-Wrack Pack, is billed as the game's "toughest challenge yet" with difficulty ramped up. It really looks like Asshole Mario.

The first three packs are priced at £6.00 GBP / 7.50 EUR or £2.00 GBP / 2.50 EUR individually. They're $2.50 each in US.