Capcom working on Resident Evil 6 PS3 fix

There is a temporary fix while you wait for the patch

Those who purchased Resident Evil 6 from the PSN store appear to be having problems loading the game. Capcom has issued a statement letting gamers know that they are working on a fix.


It seems many people have experienced problems loading Resident Evil 6 on the PS3 if it was purchased from the PSN store, and after downloading the day one patch.

Capcom released a statement to IGN, explaining that "essentially it is recognized that some consumers who downloaded the game from the PSN store pre-loaded (pre-order) or within the early hours of launch may be experiencing problems booting up the game. In short, early purchasers who tried to download the game from PSN store may have seen an error message, after they downloaded the day 1 patch."

Capcom has suggested that to temporarily fix the problem, people need to "un-install the game (only if they originally saw an error message) and re-install the game." Capcom advises that this time you "won't be prompted to download the patch and the game will load."

While this fix will mean Resident Evil 6 will be playable, it creates another issue, that those playing the digital version, will not be able to play against those using the disc. Capcom is working with Sony "to fix this issue and a patch is imminent to fix the issue."

The incoming patch will also remedy the fact that those who originally downloaded Resident Evil 6 from the PSN store, have not been able to access

Capcom have promised to "keep people updated as soon as we know more and thank them for their patience."