Resident Evil 6: Patch to fix loading problem going live on PSN

Update: Sony provides new info on PS3 launch issues

Update: Sony has said that "an amended" Resident Evil 6 patch designed to fix loading problems with the digital version of the game was due to go live at around 5pm UK time today.

Original story: Sony and Capcom have fixed a patch that was stopping those who purchased Resident Evil 6 on the PlayStation Network from loading the game or accessing the online service.


"If you've had a problem downloading Resident Evil 6, please delete and re-download," the platform holder said on the PlayStation EU Twitter account. "There was an issue with the patch that is now fixed."

When it was found that the corrupt day one patch wouldn't enable some players with a digital copy to boot up the game, a temporarily workaround involving uninstalling and reinstalling the game was suggested.

Users who did so would then not have to download the patch and the game would be playable, although it created another issue whereby those with the digital version wouldn't be able to play against those with the disc-based one. Presumably the "fixed" patch has solved this too.

Resident Evil 6 launched worldwide yesterday. "Can't be faulted for content, and better with a friend, but feels like diminishing returns," we said in our 8.0 Resident Evil 6 review.

Capcom has detailed three upcoming Resident Evil 6 DLC game modes.

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