Um, CVG is developing a videogame

It's completely true! It probably won't be published!

The story starts with a Twitter debate that took place at GDC in March this year. I was working at the trade organ Develop at the time, and we called in the inestimably fashionable Will Luton to give us some developer insider perspective.

Essentially, he was working as a journalist, writing the odd bit of copy for us. In one article he happened to conclude that, not having looked at journalism from the inside, he realised how difficult and noble and wonderful a profession it is (slight embellishment).


This comment of course, being read by developers, sparked responses claiming that there was no way journos worked as hard as devs. Seven months later and a bunch of us are heading to London, with journalists including myself building a game with some immeasurably talented young coders.

Meanwhile, brave developers are putting on their press hats and will be covering the event as journalists (Teeline shorthand 160wpm mandatory).

This is all taking place at the headquarters at trade association UKIE, which is pretty nice/brave of them.

The devs who are becoming journos are:

  1. Andrew Smith from Spilt Milk
  2. Mike Bithell from Bossa Studios
  3. Peter Theophilus-Bevis from Blitz Studios
  4. Jim Griffiths from Mediatonic

The intrepid journalists who have agreed to become devs are:

  1. Rob Crossley from CVG
  2. Keith Stuart from The Guardian
  3. Lewie Procter from Savy Gamer
  4. Dan Griliopoulos from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, IGN Entertainment and loads more

The brave students who will be ably coding are:

  1. Theo Chin
  2. Chris Barnes
  3. Karn Bianco
  4. Luc Shelton
  5. Kevin Chandler

Floating artists are:

  1. Jake Woodruff
  2. David Jones

We'll let you know how it goes next week!