Hitman Sniper Challenge: September's monthly prize winners revealed

Did you win Agent 47's monthly prize?

Once again the Hitman Sniper challenge has been in full swing, so here are your winners for September's monthly prize; as well as last week's world-class snipers.


Hold on to your hats--September's Hitman Challenge winners are in: On the PS3, it's X1BALA with a score of 5,415,739, 360's top dog is terry_1950 with 6,135,150 and PC winner is Voxifox with 6,458,48-- also scooping the monthly prize. Congrats!

As for weekly winners: Up at the top are MattYates91 on the 360 and 318838 on the PS3-but because these sharp shooters are previous winners, the weekly prizes go to michaelyates1964 (360) with a whopping 5,629,267 points, and Dicksi (PS3) with a huge 3,145,837 points.

Huge congrats to all the winners-- an iPad, Sennheiser U-320 headphones, Hitman goodies and much much more are on the way to you as we speak. Weekly winners can expect the cheeky Agent 47 figure pictured on this very page for their hard work and dedication.

Don't forget there's still October's Sniper Challenge with the major monthly prize of an iPad, Sennheisser U-320 headphones and a whole bunch of exclusive goodies up for grabs.

If you want some expert tips on how to complete the challenge like a true Hitman, then go check out our CVG YouTube channel where our fiendish video team has put together a guide to assist you in the art of assassination.

Below are the full league tables for last month; can you do better? October's weekly and monthly challenges await! Don't forget it's a shorter month this month and your last chance to enter for the ultimate Hitman Challenge prize, where you'll get face scanned to go in the actual game and win the first Golden Joystick to be awarded to a member of the public!

September's Top 10
1. X1BALA: 5,415,739
2. Dwarfen: 5,153,792
3. Stinos: 5,127,106
4. joe90park: 5,047,289
5. Sonofinonman69: 4,874,202
6. Ghostnote: 2,922,369
7. Moloch81: 2,330,451
8. PembsGez: 2,327,071
9. Lee720lee: 2,310,731
10. D_B_1_0_0: 2,111,856

1. terry_1950: 6,135,150
2. michaelyates1964: 5,629,267
3. Silent4ndDeadly: 5,001,175
4. smegger: 4,527,124
5. Madmonkeyrtu: 4,291,555
6. sskaotik1: 2,880,116
7. Sk3tChWoRtH: 2,840,761
8. project_serene: 2,424,115
9. FuelledSpirit: 2,421,484
10. Ogg177: 2,372,030

1. Voxifox: 6,458,487
2. Jalexuk: 5,267,616
3. shootable: 5,081,621
4. Elad_berond: 4,204,645
5. IreneRose: 3,188,594
6. EvoFlash: 2,697,632
7. Acidcobra: 2,220,333
8. conjal: 1,984,672
9. EFJohn: 1,945,135
10. UWSephiroth: 1,855,949