FIFA 13 sells 4.5 million in five days, biggest launch of 2012

Also the "biggest sports video game launch of all-time," declares EA

FIFA 13 has sold 4.5 million copies worldwide in five days to become the "biggest videogame launch of 2012 and biggest sports videogame launch of all-time", according to EA.


EA managed to shift a massive 1.23 million copies within its first 48 hours of shelf time in UK alone, smashing the charts and making it "the second videogame franchise ever to sell more than 1 million units in the UK within just 1 day". That feat has only previously been achieved by three Call of Duty games.

The publisher boasts of 75 reviews with scores of 90 or above, including our FIFA 13 review, with a 9.1 slapped on it.

EA Sports exec VP Andrew Wilson is predictably chuffed. "FIFA Soccer 13 is a critical and commercial success unprecedented in sports entertainment," he said. "Every minute of every day millions of fans around the world are experiencing what the critics have already said - FIFA Soccer 13 is the biggest and best sports game we have ever created."