Suda 51's Liberation Maiden released in EU eShop now

Three games in three months coming from publisher Level-5

Liberation Maiden, a game from Killer 7 and No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51), has been released via the EU eShop for 3DS.


Liberation Maiden is an anime-style mech shooter game created in collaboration between Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture studio and publisher Level-5 as part of a multi-game project known collectively as 'Guild 01' (check out reviews for the Guild 01 games here).

Liberation Maiden is the first of three 'Guild 01' games to hit 3DS this year, with Aero Porter, an airport-themed rhythm-action and puzzle game, and adventure game Crimson Shroud, due in November and December respectively.

Here's a trailer showcasing all three titles.

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