47-minute Animal Crossing 3DS video demo reveals new details

Nintendo dedicates broadcast to the new 3DS game

Nintendo of Japan has released yet another 'Nintendo Direct' broadcast, this time dedicated entirely to Animal Crossing: Jump Out on 3DS.


Plenty of new gameplay details were revealed in the Japanese broadcast, including the player's new ability to build roads.

There'll also be new items in the game, such a megaphone that'll allow players to get the attention of in-game characters using their voice (via, presumably, the 3DS' microphone), according to NeoGAF translations.

The Museum in your town will be home to special exhibitions, and you'll be able to set exhibitions yourself.

Players will be able to visit a comedy club, Club 444, where they'll not only see the much-loved pooch K. K. Slider mix NES music under his new name, DJ K.K, but you'll also get to watch standup comedy by new character Shisho, and you can choose how to react to his jokes.

StreetPass will let players trade items and visit their village via an online connection, where you can check out their decor or chop down trees and collect fruit (your actions don't affect that player's actual village).

You'll have seen characters swimming in trailers - to swim you'll need to buy a swimsuit at the shop, then go diving for fish or coral.

Also, there will be new co-op mini games for up to four players, from which you can earn medals. Medals can be traded for goods at the souvenir shop.

You can check out the entire demo here - it's all in Japanese but you'll get to see loads of gameplay footage.