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Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition shoots up PS3 this Autumn in US

Dreamcast classic gets HD remake with digital art book, soundtrack and more

You probably didn't play Under Defeat when it originally released on Dreamcast six years ago. It only released in Japan, you see. But Rising Star Games thinks you should.


The publisher is bringing a localized version of the Japanese shooter to PS3 this Autumn in US under the new name, Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition. There's no word on an EU release.

As the title suggests, it'll come with upgraded HD visuals and new two-player options. A new '16:9 New Order Mode' will also give you a widescreen view of the scenery which was originally viewed through a more traditional vertical letterbox (tate).

The game will release both at retail and on PSN for $29.99, but buyers of the physical copy will also get a digital art book, all current DLC and patches, a soundtrack CD and an exclusive letter from the CEO of developer G.Rev and the game's executive producer, Hiroyuki Maruyama.

So no point in getting the digital version then.

Every shooter has a gimmick, and this one's trick is the ability to rotate your ship, liberating you from the common upwards-only shooting range to a system that lets you shoot in any direction, as you can see in this new trailer of the HD remake.

An Xbox 360 version is also on its way.

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