Blog: Marching band performs amazing game-themed half-time show

I've never been to America, so pretty much all my perceptions of its culture and people are gleaned from watching copious amounts of US TV shows.


For example, I know that the ball barely touches the foot in American Football. And anyone that shows signs of being a gaming obsessive is hung from a flagpole by their underwear, while burly jocks with hot cheerleaders swinging from their bulging biceps point and laugh and drive around them in sports cars like hyenas circling a wounded deer.


TV has also taught me that the only thing worse than that is being a member of a marching band. These musically-inclined poor souls get cold slushies thrown in their face every morning, they never get to hang out with Lucas Scott, or get to party at the Cohen's house. And Lana Lang doesn't so much as glance in their direction. It's a painfully lonely, unrewarding existence.

Below is a video of the halftime performance of The Ohio State University Marching Band, during an American football game against Nebraska. The band plays popular themes from games including Space Invaders, Pokemon, Mario, Zelda and Tetris. Along with the cheery renditions of our favourite tunes, the band also coordinate movement to form iconic imagery from each game.

Amazingly, the crowd bursts into rapturous applause to signify their approval. They're...popular...

Apparently my moving picture box has been lying to me all these years. Everything I've learned from television is wrong. I need time to fully grasp the ramifications of this realisation...

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