Dishonored review Q&A: What do you want to know about the game?

You've read our review, now we want your questions

As you'll already have seen in this morning's Dishonored review, our man Alex Dale absolutely loved Arkane's brilliant Bioshock-Thief hybrid, Dishonored. But the game's so ridiculously ambitious, so wide-open with possibilities, every playthrough will be different. Which is why you'll have questions.

Lots of them.

Questions that, because of the sandbox nature of the game, Alex might not have touched upon in his review. But worry not: he'll be online this afternoon to address any and all of those burning Q's. It doesn't matter how broad or specific you think your question is - Alex has played through the game twice, so there aren't many people better placed in the UK to address your query.

Seriously, this is how easy it is to get an answer to your Dishonored question: 1. Post your question(s) in the comment thread below; 2. ...

So get posting! We'll collate everything into a follow-up article later on today.