You're the Reviewer: Readers' September Game of the Month so far revealed

Borderlands 2, F1 2012, FIFA 13... which deserves top marks?

Last week we asked CVG readers to review the games released in September, and you did so in your tens of thousands.


CVG Readers' top five games from September 2012, at the time of publish, can be seen below. Other than Torchlight 2 (which we haven't reviewed as yet), it's a familiar top five to CVG's own review ranking, although the community seems to love Borderlands 2 even more than us.

Because of the nature of internet polls (and how the public can and will dish out 0/10's unchallenged) we'd suggest paying more attention to the actual positions rather than the scores, or alternatively add 2.0 to each.

Don't agree with this ranking? Continue to vote in September's You're the Reviewer.

CVG Readers' Top 5 Reviewed Games, September 2012

CVG's Top 5 Reviewed Games, September 2012