Dishonored: PS3 vs. 360 gameplay comparison video

Check out how the two console versions stack up side by side

Bethesda's Dishonored hits North American stores tomorrow, ahead of the Dishonored release date of Friday, October 12 in the UK.


We put in plenty of hours with the game to bring you CVG's Dishonored review, in which we scored the stealth adventure 9.5 and labelled it "one of the greatest games of the generation".

While we were at it, we also captured a load of footage from the console versions to bring you the Dishonored PS3 vs. Xbox 360 gameplay comparison video below.

Dishonored has received a very positive critical reception across the board, and we've gathered up as many verdicts as we can find for our Dishonored review round-up.

The game's set for release on PC as well as consoles. Which version will you be picking up, if any?