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WWE 13: Five great Attitude Era moments recreated in WWE '13

THQ gives sports-entertainment an Attitude Adjustment

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King of the Ring, June 1998: Hell In A Cell


Mick 'Mankind' Foley was little more than a mid-card curio prior to this career-defining performance against the Undertaker, which took place inside (for the most part) the torturous Hell In A Cell structure.

The punishment he absorbed at the hands of a vengeful Undertaker captured the hearts and imagination of the stunned crowd at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. By the end of the year, he was WWF Champion.

Mankind and 'Taker set the standard straight from the opening bell; both men immediately clambered to the roof of the cage and began trading blows at an altitude of sixteen feet in the air.

Then, suddenly and without warning, Undi grabbed Mankind and launched him off the side of the cage, where he landed in a crumpled heap on what remained of the Spanish announce table. 'BY GOD HE'S BROKEN IN HALF' panted a hyperventilating Jim Ross at ringside in one of the most famous calls in WWE history.

The worst, incredibly, was yet to come. Mankind somehow managed to drag his mangled carcass back to the top of the cell, a heroic feat that was rewarded by the Undertaker choke-slamming him clean through the roof of the cage.

Concussed, confused and with a tooth lodged up his nostril, Mankind somehow managed to haul himself to his feet once more. Miffed at this show of defiance, the Undertaker chokeslammed him into a pile of thumb tacks in a needlessly vicious coup de grace.

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