WWE 13: Five great Attitude Era moments recreated in WWE '13

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Royal Rumble, January 1999: The Rock v Mankind, I Quit Match


The only way to win an 'I Quit' match is - of course - to make your opponent say the words 'I quit'. Which is problematic if you're facing a human punchbag such as Mick 'Mankind' Foley.

How do you make a man with an insane pain threshold submit? The Rock gave it a damn good try. First, he handcuffed Mankind's hands behind his back, and then smashed a steel chair over his helpless opponent's head. And then again. And again and again and again.

And again. Did we mention that this all took place in front of his terrified wife and children? Eventually, after what seemed like a lifetime of chair shots, The Rock thrust a microphone in the face of a barely-conscious Mankind, and the words 'I quit!' rang out loud over the PA system.

Except of course, the words didn't come from Mankind's mouth. Unbeknownst to the audience, The Rock had recorded the line from a Mick Foley interview that took place earlier in the night, and lined it up to play on cue.

Feel free to share your favourite Attitude Era moments in the comments section below. But please, no daft comments about how wrestling is fake. Yeah, right. We bet you're the sort who thinks the moon landings were fake too, huh?

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