Dishonored videos demonstrate dev-favourite powers

The Devouring Swarm and Wind Blast powers on show

With its release this week, Bethesda's superb Dishonored is the game of hour, and here's a couple of new gameplay videos to get you all excited.


They showcase the Devouring Swarm and Wind Blast powers - which are apparently two of the development team's favourites.

The former conjures a swarm of man-eating mice that gnaw their victims down to a bloody stump within seconds, and the latter is used to Force-slap enemies around like Darth Vader throwing a hissy fit.

We published our praising Dishonored review earlier today, in which Alex Dale gave it a resounding 9.5 score and called it "one of the greatest games of the generation". There's also a video review through that link.

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