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Medal of Honor Warfighter dev interviews - video

Key team members discuss campaign, multiplayer and Tier 1

The latest episode of EA online video series PWNED is a Medal of Honor: Warfighter special featuring plenty of footage from the game, as well as developer interviews.


The video team headed out to Danger Close's studio to talk to creative director Kristoffer Bergqvist about the multiplayer class system and support actions, director Drew Stauffer about the single player campaign, and executive producer Greg Goodrich about the game's twelve global Tier 1 operator units. They also found the time to shoot some guns in the desert.

The Xbox 360 exclusive Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer beta kicked off last Friday, ahead of the Medal Of Honor: Warfighter release date of October 23 in the US and October 26 in the UK. The game's due to launch on PS3 and PC as well as 360.

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