VIDEO: Green Arrow revealed in Injustice Gods Among Us

Trailer shows latest addition to NetherRealm's upcoming fighter

DC icon Oliver 'Green Arrow' Queen has been revealed as the newest edition to the Injustice: Gods Among Us roster.


Arrow looks like he'll be a strong all-round character, able to control space and dominate from a distance with arrow shots, but also capable of brawling up-close thanks to his sturdy bow.

The reveal trailer also indicates he has plenty of juggle potential which, together with his freeze arrow, could lead to some tricky setups, long combo strings and high damage output.

Close Close

Other DC characters already confirmed for the superhero fighter include Batman, Flash, Superman and Solomon Grundy.

Coincidentally (not really) CW will premiere the first episode of Arrow, a TV series starring the character, tomorrow.

Warner Bros has said the Injustice: Gods Among Us release date will be in April.