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Fable: The Journey launch trailer

Lionhead's Kinect title out now in the US, hits UK stores on Friday

Microsoft has released the launch trailer for Fable: The Journey to coincide with the game's release in the US today.


We said in our just published 6.1 Fable: The Journey review: "It hangs together better than a lot of Kinect games, but Fable: The Journey still plods and frustrates in equal measure - and, most damningly, would have been better with a controller."

The reaction to the game has been mixed, with early scores out of 10 ranging from 3.5 through to 8. See what other critics they had to say in our Fable: The Journey review round-up.

We'd advise you to try out the Fable: The Journey demo ahead of the UK Fable: The Journey release date of October 12.

The Fable: The Journey Achievements list was revealed late last month.

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