Every Double Fine game on sale now

Heavy discounts on the studio's games this week

Every Double Fine game is on sale this week.


There are heavy discounts on a range of titles, including 50 per cent off Costume Quest, Stacking and Psychonauts, and up to 81 per cent off Brutal Legend.

The studio said: "October is a special month for Double Fine, because it is simultaneously ROCKTOBER, the month of Brütal Legend's release, as well as the month containing Halloween, which augurs the release of Costume Quest.

"We knew we needed to put one of these essential games on sale, but which one? Factions formed among the Double Fine staff, battling mightily on behalf of their chosen game, one side using a turn-based RPG-style interface and the other using RTS-style controls.

"Eventually both sides collapsed from exhaustion, and it looked like there would be no sale at all. But then, the weary warriors picked themselves up and realized that there was only one real option: PUT EVERYTHING ON SALE."

Costume Quest:

  • Steam, inc. Grubbins on Ice (50% off)
  • Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)
  • Grubbins on Ice, Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Brütal Legend:

  • Xbox 360, Double Fine Shop (81% off)
  • Xbox 360 SIGNED, Double Fine Shop (69% off)
  • PS3, Double Fine Shop (81% off)
  • PS3 SIGNED, Double Fine Shop (69% off)


  • Steam (50% off)
  • Mac App Store (50% off)
  • Original Soundtrack, Steam (50% off)
  • Original Score, Steam (50% off)


  • Steam, inc. The Lost Hobo King (50% off)
  • Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)
  • The Lost Hobo King, Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Iron Brigade:

  • Steam, inc. Rise of the Martian Bear (33% off)
  • Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)
  • Rise of the Martian Bear, Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Double Fine Happy Action Theater:

  • Xbox Live Arcade (50% off)

Once Upon a Monster:

  • Amazon (15% off)

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