Blog: New Half-Life fan movie is something old, something new, something borrowed and lots of blue

It was Aristotle who said "to avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing".

And so, while we're going to say there are some clear shortcomings in this latest Half-Life fan movie, there's much to praise about people who are so dedicated to a cause that they'll see it through to the end.

'Enter the Freeman' is a nine-minute Half-Life movie produced on a $3,000 budget. Mainly due to this being set at night, the financial constraints do not show.

Directed by Ian James Duncan and co-produced by Bernhard Forcher, the short movie brings the events of Half-Life 1 to nonspecific American suburbia. Hued by an unfathomable number of blue light sources, the piece feels like a departure from the tone and visual sensibilities of Valve's flagship series.

There are neat nods to old Half-Life lore, but the ambition to bring this born-to-be-action story into the horror/thriller genre seems over-thought. Moments intended to be tense are, particularly for its target market, rather pedestrian. Half-Life aficionados are not terrified of zombies. It's like directing a horror movie about an ant creeping into a house.

Gordon Freeman talks as well. He does a Bond, James Bond. And the G-Man is on a roof.

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