Borderlands 2 Mechromancer guide: 5 Essential Tips for mastering the new class

Rip Pandora to shreds with your robot buddy

It's a smart move. Right after most people have completed their first run in Borderlands 2, they get the chance to do it all again with the brand new Mechromancer class, Gaige.

She's costly at £7.99, but those who pre-ordered the game are entitled to download her completely free of charge. Learn her talents, level her skill tree, and deploy a massive floating robot with digistruct claws, all right now.



Gaige's main talent is D374-DP, otherwise known as Deathtrap, a murderous mechanical pet which, once dropped on the battlefield, homes in on the nearest enemy and slashes at them repeatedly. Deathtrap serves two purposes: distraction and damage. It's basically a less powerful but more mobile version of Axton's turret and perhaps the most versatile action skill in the game.

Scouts can use it to draw fire while they snipe from afar, while shotgun users have ample opportunity to get in close and blast away while Deathtrap soaks damage. He won't last long at first (you'll have to wait a full minute for the cooldown meter to recharge), but that's where the skill tree comes in.


Gaige has a curious pool of powers. There are three branches: Best Friends Forever, Little Big Trouble and Ordered Chaos. The former is the most accessible, the middle gives great elemental damage, and the latter is for experts only. It's quicker just to show you a picture of the tree rather than explain all 36 skills, but we'll pick out the key ones you'll want to use.



Let's start with what's been dubbed by fans as 'girlfriend mode', best bet for solo players and easy to use without being overpowered. Here are the top three skills to invest in.

Close Enough
Invaluable to those using guns with a wide spread (shotguns or hip-fired SMG's), this gives a 10% chance of bullets bouncing off scenery and striking enemies, and that percentage climbs the more you level it.

Potent as a Pony
Your basic health boost, upping the HP of both you and Deathtrap. Someone at Gearbox likes My Little Pony.

Explosive Clap
Deathtrap gains a new attack which causes bonus explosive damage. Good against groups of enemies like Skags and Spiderants.

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