PlayStation Mobile Trophy support in the works

Adding PSN features "is a priority for us," says Sony mobile exec

Sony is working to add Trophies, leaderboards and other PSN features to the new PlayStation Mobile platform.


Sarah Thomson, Sony's senior manager of mobile content acquisition, told Polygon: "It's coming. I couldn't tell you what the timeline is on that, but those kinds of features are definitely in our purview.

"We are hearing the feedback, and we take everything from what the gamers are saying and what the developers are saying to heart. Trust me, it's a priority for us."

PlayStation Mobile games can be transferred freely between Vita and certified Android devices, and Thomson also hinted at upcoming PS3 support.

"We don't have that kind of cross-functionality yet for the PS3, but we'll see," she said. "Stay tuned. That's all I can say."

PlayStation Mobile launched earlier this month with 21 games in Europe and the US, with prices ranging from 40p to £5.89.