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Stuart Black quits City Interactive

Game designer departs due to 'creative differences'; Military FPS on new creative path

British games designer Stuart Black has departed from City Interactive after nearly two years at the company.

Stuart Black

Black, who joined Codemasters in 2007 to work on the unsuccessful shooter Bodycount, is believed to have left City Interactive due to creative differences.

He was placed in charge of the WWII first-person shooter Enemy Front, though the game's design direction has shifted since his appointment.

"We can confirm that Stuart Black is no longer working with City Interactive on the Enemy Front project," a representative for City Interactive told VG247.

"Based on early builds of the game and various internal and external feedback that we received, we decided to take a different approach to the gameplay, the story and the characters in the game than originally envisioned," said City Interactive.

"We are now working with Mark Bristol, a very experienced cinematic director from the US and together with him we have been implementing what we feel are some really compelling changes.

"We are very happy with the progress of the game and look forward to showing it off in the months to come."

Black has listed himself as self-employed on his LinkedIn profile.

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