15 overlooked Wii Games to play on Wii U

Worried what to play on launch day? You might have missed these...

Thanks to the Wii U's backwards compatibility it's easy to supplement the consoles slender catalog of games if you're struggling to find something to play around launch. Here are a few Wii classics that you may have glossed over that are well worth playing through on your shiny new system.

1: Xenoblade Chronicles

Arguably one of the finest JRPGs of this generation, Xenoblade Chronicles lets players explore all corners of its huge open-world as they please, save anywhere(!) and has an obscene amount of quests ranging from the exciting, story-driven, main missions to rewarding side-quests. It also happens to be very pretty.

2: Boom Blox


Developed in conjunction with award-winning director, screenwriter, producer, and entrepreneur Steven Spielberg, Boom Blox is a game about knocking over blocks. Alright, we're being a little reductive, it's actually a colourful and mad hybrid of Jenga, Tetris and Lego that uses a realistic physics model to make the crashing of blocks oh-so-satisfying. With the Wiimote players can push, stack, protect or obliterate blocky towers in a single throw; works great in multiplayer too. Take a shot.

3: Endless Ocean


Dive-em-up Endless Ocean is perfect for a bit of afternoon therapy. In the serene waters of Endless Ocean there are no threats, aquatic creatures of all shapes and sizes go about their business unperturbed by you sniffing around. Even the sharks are chill. So, jump in and explore, discover and photograph all manner of fishy business. You can customise the soundtrack, but we'd recommend sticking with the calming sounds of the underwater depths.

4: Zack & Wiki


Zack and Wiki was released very early in the Wii's lifecycle, back when people were wasting away the hours flailing around in the pursuit of simulated sports, as a result it's been relatively overlooked. The understated reception to Capcom's pirate puzzler was a shame, especially since it makes excellent use of the console's unique features. The Wiimote is used in a point-and-click fashion, with players occasionally asked to swipe, jiggling or jostle the controller to solve puzzles and get out of sticky situations. Zack and Wiki is full of charming character and will give your brain a bit of a workout too, show it some love.

5: Kororinpa


Similar to Monkey Ball and Marble Madness, Kororinpa is a devilishly difficulty game where players must tilt the level to guide a ball-like object to the goal. Additional challenge is layered on with environmental features such as magnets, conveyor belts and all manner of other quirky objects. It's a short but sweet game that's hard to put down.

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